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Computer Techno Wizzard Blog

an Arthur's website

Check up more development tips that I afa7789 create.
My goal here is to share links to other social networks I have and share knowledge and tutorials.
Want to know about me and my tech? Check up the Medium and the blog part of the site.

Code Samples!

Some demos and other code samples I have created.
but if you want you can read my medium blog posts.

Code Related

Projects and Companies I have worked with:

tally logo

Right now I'm working at Tally!
The Web3 company that creates the Best way to vote on DAOs:

getit logo

I worked too at Get.It!.
A company that handles huge amounts of jobs listings and does ETL.

compre cripto no pix logo

I did the MVP for Compre Cripto no Pix.
A simple and easy to use on-ramper for Projects on the BNB smart chain
Done it all using a Brazilian Payment Gateway and Web3 libraries.

codificar logo

First place that I worked was Codificar.
A company focused on building mobile cloned APPs for those who want to enter the market fast!

Task I'm usually working on

About ME!

Want to know more ? check up the links bellow.
afa7789, is my developer name, or better said internet username.
it was created by my dear and past father.


Want to talk about tech ?

I know that creating a project is a hard task.
So you need any help? Didn't understand something you saw at the website just contact me. Or if you want to share an idea or propose something the form is here :p. If you found a bug too on the website please report It's being developed slowly.